New Year, New Partnership, New Opportunities in the New Normal: Welcoming David Newman, New Epicoach Partner!


Happy New Year to all of our Epicoach friends and family!  This year, “new” takes on new meanings.

  • The pandemic has dramatically affected employers and employees, and new strategies are required—for leaders who need to invest in talent and adjust their corporate culture, and for professionals who wish to re-evaluate their situation and invest in their career development.
  • The pandemic has fueled the growth of Epicoach as we have responded to the changing needs of leaders (who are addressing new sensitivities) and staff (who are seeking more flexibility).
  • The mission at Epicoach has always been to help our clients unlock their potential for corporate and individual success. But these uncertain times have called for updated coaching and consulting services that enable clients to successfully navigate inevitable transitions. And with an increased demand for these services, we recognized that Epicoach could reach another level if we expanded. And so we have, now that I’ve found the right new partner!

As Epicoach continued to grow during the pandemic, I faced an age-old entrepreneur’s dilemma: turn away business or bring in another like-minded executive to help service clients. The problem with the latter, in addition to the short-sighted “no one can do it as well as I” mentality, is that it takes time to integrate someone new into a practice. Every hour spent doing that is an hour that I’m not servicing clients. Turns out there’s a solution that can optimize chances for success: bring in someone you’ve known, trusted, and admired for many years!

David Newman

Please join me in welcoming David Newman as my partner at Epicoach.

David is a leadership and professional coach who, like me, is a graduate of the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance program.

When you share experiences with someone through life’s ups and downs, you learn a great deal about them. One of the first things I learned about David is that he is an excellent listener. He is open and  objective, and he checks his pre-conceived notions at the door. Combine David’s personal characteristics with his long history of success at the highest levels of management and operations and it’s a recipe for success. I am confident that David will leverage his experience and personal attributes to benefit not only the clients he works with but future Epicoach clients as well. In short, our partnership allows us to collaborate and enhance services for all existing and future clients.

You’ll be hearing more from David in the coming weeks and months, but he wanted to quickly share his sentiments now: “You are known by the company you keep, and I have always sought to align myself with professionalism and integrity in every business relationship.  I am particularly enthused about my latest venture as I partner with Bob, who has built a premier coaching and consulting service. I believe my background presents a good fit for Epicoach and its core ethos—helping leaders and professionals unlock their potential for success in business and life. Bob and I share a passion for helping people advance, and I look forward to a new chapter for Epicoach and all our valued clients.”

Indeed, David and I are very excited as we respond to the continued challenges in the new normal. As we continue to grow, rest assured that we will remain committed to our original mission and values and provide you with a personalized, results-oriented approach.

Please see our refreshed website and our LinkedIn accounts:

Bob on LinkedIn David on LinkedIn

Stay tuned for instructive blog posts from me, David, and industry colleagues.

And let us know how we can help you unlock new opportunities in the New Year.

Be well and stay positive!

Bob Fleshner, Epicoach Founder