“If you don’t put yourself out there, you won’t know what you can achieve.” David, who grew up in England, has been “out there” in Europe and the U.S., accepting many challenges, including his “temporary” role as head of Morgan Stanley’s bank in Luxembourg. Seven years after accepting that “temporary” role, he returned to the States as a financial services executive…before landing as Partner at Epicoach.

Morgan Stanley Global CustodySpring Lake ConsultingAurelius Capital
After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and moving to the U.S., David joined investment bank Morgan Stanley just as it was undergoing an IPO and embarking on a massive international expansion. He was part of a dynamic team that built the operational and accounting infrastructure for the financial behemoth. In 1993, he directed the European expansion and the eventual sale of the Global Custody business. As head of Europe, he was responsible for business development and growth in that theater of operations, and the technology-driven platform and operations in London, Luxembourg, and Mumbai that underpinned the servicing of global institutional investors. In building the India-based service center, he was in the vanguard of the global outsourcing business that is an essential part of many successful organizations today.
After a stint as CFO for a major private family office, David recognized the booming growth of hedge funds and their need to obtain cutting-edge technology and services to maintain their competitive advantages. He leveraged his experience to team up with an existing IT firm and build Spring Lake Consulting, providing start-up and growing hedge funds with advice on infrastructure, technology platforms, and service providers.
After transitioning his consulting business into Merrill Lynch’s Prime Brokerage group and building its consulting services, the financial melt-down occurred in 2008. Amid bankruptcies and chaos, David decided to join Aurelius Capital, a growing, distressed debt hedge fund, as Chief Operating Officer. He was responsible for managing Investor Relations and Marketing, Legal & Compliance, Human Resources, Accounting, Operations, and IT.
David is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), as recognized by the International Coaching Federation. Now living in White Plains, NY, David’s first job was at Price Waterhouse in England, moving to the US in 1983. He has seen his career come full cycle after becoming a career coach, bringing decades of experience in problem-solving and team-building to bear on his current work with leaders and professionals.

Indeed, David has been “out there,” and he’s also been “up there,” having recently completed a three-month, “Never 2 Late 2 Be Ski Bums” tour in which he and his wife negotiated the challenges presented by 27 mountains in the American and Canadian Rockies. He believes that life is a journey full of new opportunities, and perhaps “the call of the wild” has brought him to his exciting new venture as a Partner with Epicoach.