I met David when I was frustrated and stuck at a crossroads in my career. I felt lost and disorganized, not sure how to move forward. David took the time to get to know me, meeting regularly. It was not always easy, but he encouraged me to think deeper and push through barriers to better understand myself. Working together, we developed a plan that was focused and clearly articulated. David kept me pointed in the right direction during the ups and downs of the journey. He was always an eager listener and provided much-needed perspective in his usual calm and patient demeanor. I would not be where I am today without him.

– DG.

I worked with David consistently over several months and the work we did together was invaluable. Having considered a significant career pivot, David helped me focus on my core values and my “personal brand”. These have not always been apparent to me, but the work we did together helped sharpen my focus. David helped me build a solid platform from which to explore where I wanted to take the next phase of my working life.

– Tim W.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Bob monthly for about a year now. He provides useful questioning to guide me to my own answers and provides me with access to tools to learn more about myself as a leader. He is able to pull from a wide variety of experiences from his years in leadership positions and share advice and actionable items for me to work on.

Bob helps me work through my real-life situations through insightful questioning and feedback not only in leadership situations, but also while working through a potential change in positions. Working with Bob is the highlight of each month and I’ve definitely grown as a leader, professional, and person as a result of working with him!

– Kate W.

After spending 12 years with the same organization, I was finally ready to make a change. But approaching my job search and defining my skills to fit that search felt overwhelming. Fortunately, I was introduced to Bob at just the right time.

Our work together helped me think outside the box and navigate the challenges associated with leaving my former position, crafting my resume for my search, and finding just the right fit for where I was in my career. Bob was patient, understanding, and overwhelmingly positive as I embarked on this journey.

Bob’s experience, objectivity, and steady guidance make him an invaluable partner for anyone looking to make a change in their career. Thank you for everything, Bob!

– Doug S.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to get to know David over the last few months. He’s an incredible coach and more importantly, a great person. His life experiences and insight have been of enormous value, and i’ve never left a session with him without feeling inspired to take action. He’s very intelligent, and both intuitive and attentive; he takes time to understand his clients situations before offering carefully thought-out, practical advice and guidance. I couldn’t recommend him and his coaching more highly.

– Jamie M.

What sets Bob apart as a career coach are his wide range of knowledge across many industries and unique ability to connect with his clients personally to help them zero in on their priorities. As a professional runner in a time of transition, I started working with Bob at the beginning of the COVID pandemic to figure out what the best options were for my professional development. Not only did Bob ask me the hard questions that helped me decide what I wanted to do–ultimately apply to medical school–but over the next year, he guided me through the long application process. He helped me craft a personal statement that truly told my story, practice to nail my interviews, and communicate with medical school administrators in ways that built relationships and left lasting impressions.

In the end, I received multiple interviews and acceptance to one of the top medical schools in the country and cultivated skills that continue to be invaluable in my personal and professional life. I would strongly recommend Bob to both people who have a clear direction and are looking to advance in their careers and people who are just trying to figure out what’s next.

– Olivia B.

Working with David these past few months has been so amazing. He is one of the most genuine, experienced and intelligent coaches I’ve ever worked with and he’s truly helped me in all aspects of my life: personally, professionally, and socially. Being an athlete all of my life, I can say it’s rare for a coach to ask you what you want to focus on instead of just telling you what you need to focus on. It has really allowed me to be vulnerable, strategic, and in the moment. We talk a lot about my values and the person I ultimately want to become, and when I’m in distress I now go back to those values, and it helps me put things into perspective and remain positive. He’s one of the only coaches that I can feel is genuinely looking out for me and my success, and that is very rare to find. He’s one of the best!

– Gaby S.

As a woman-owned business, I have hired a few coaches over the years. I had the pleasure of working with David Newman this past year. His coaching was invaluable, and it made a huge impact on my public speaking business. David helped me outline a clear roadmap for where I wanted to be, held me accountable to implement my strategies, and celebrated my business success! Because of his broad experience of business, people, and culture, David helped me see my blind spots and enhanced my visibility. He asked thought-provoking questions, which led me to make well-informed decisions. Most importantly, he had a remarkable talent for finding out where my values showed up in my business. His coaching made me a more confident and successful entrepreneur.

– MK L.

As I have transitioned from an active surgical practice into an administrative role in our healthcare system, I felt that I intrinsically had many of the necessary leadership skills to be equally successful in my new role. My experiences with Bob, however, have shown me how far I really needed to go to truly amass such skills. Through his compassionate, insightful, and objective feedback and knowledge, I have been able to redirect real-life experiences and issues into useful and positive personal and professional outcomes. I have become practically motivated to address the difficult conversations that I have historically consciously or subconsciously avoided while learning to be much more patient with others and myself.

– Alan S.

– Jorge P.

– Jenna L.

– Christiaan C.

After more than a decade of owning a healthcare company, it was time for me to sell the business. I needed someone to coach me through the process and immediately thought of Bob. As an experienced coach and someone who had been a lawyer, healthcare CEO and entrepreneur, Bob had the rare combination of expertise and experience that I was seeking.

Bob was by my side throughout the entire process, providing me with the coaching I needed to successfully sell the business. I am very fortunate in that I not only benefitted from Bob’s exceptional coaching skills, but also his wealth of business knowledge and experience. Bob not only helped me realize that selling the company was a possibility, he helped make it a reality.

– Sarah T.

As a professional athlete coming upon retirement and moving to a full time professional business career, I needed a solid plan that would set me up for success. I worked with Bob for over a year to help me create a business plan to launch my own consulting business in the employee wellness field. This included myriad speaking and one-off program events, a professional website, a registered LLC and more. His expertise and ability to help direct my efforts was key to my success. Ten years later, I am a corporate director of a national organization who has just been awarded official registered trademark status on my current wellness initiative. I consider my career on track. And as a professional track athlete, my bar is high.

– Jolene M.

Bob has a great way of probing and asking the hard questions which forces his clients to identify their professional priorities. Bob also has such a diverse range of professional experience from which to draw, that he’s well-equipped to help a wide range of professionals and scenarios. The time I’ve spent with Bob has proven helpful to me beyond description.

– John B.