– Jorge P.

– Jenna L.

– Christiaan C.

After more than a decade of owning a healthcare company, it was time for me to sell the business. I needed someone to coach me through the process and immediately thought of Bob. As an experienced coach and someone who had been a lawyer, healthcare CEO and entrepreneur, Bob had the rare combination of expertise and experience that I was seeking.

Bob was by my side throughout the entire process, providing me with the coaching I needed to successfully sell the business. I am very fortunate in that I not only benefitted from Bob’s exceptional coaching skills, but also his wealth of business knowledge and experience. Bob not only helped me realize that selling the company was a possibility, he helped make it a reality.

– Sarah T.

As a professional athlete coming upon retirement and moving to a full time professional business career, I needed a solid plan that would set me up for success. I worked with Bob for over a year to help me create a business plan to launch my own consulting business in the employee wellness field. This included myriad speaking and one-off program events, a professional website, a registered LLC and more. His expertise and ability to help direct my efforts was key to my success. Ten years later, I am a corporate director of a national organization who has just been awarded official registered trademark status on my current wellness initiative. I consider my career on track. And as a professional track athlete, my bar is high.

– Jolene M.

Bob has a great way of probing and asking the hard questions which forces his clients to identify their professional priorities. Bob also has such a diverse range of professional experience from which to draw, that he’s well-equipped to help a wide range of professionals and scenarios. The time I’ve spent with Bob has proven helpful to me beyond description.

– John B.