Even before the pandemic, a startling 70% of those surveyed said they either hate their jobs or are completely disengaged (Gallup).

Since the pandemic, the demand for coaching and consultation has become much more acute among executives (who seek top talent and need to address heightened employee sensitivities) and professionals (who may wish to re-evaluate their situation and want more flexibility).

Recent statistics of note:

  • 82% of employees don’t trust their boss to tell the truth (Forbes).
  • 81% of employees are ready to leave their jobs, 79% because leaders don’t appreciate them (GoRemotely).
  • 56% of employees think leaders should update their skills to support a virtual workforce (CIPHR).

So, how can executives become better leaders, and how can professionals progress with their careers? Where can they turn when there is a dearth of experienced and practical professional career coaches?


We at Epicoach, a firm that specializes in Executive, Professional and Individual Coaching and consulting, help clients unlock their potential. Coaching consists of structured sessions that feature a series of customized questions, each of which is based on deep listening by the coach. The coach listens not only for what is said, but how it is said. The coach then partners with clients to help them gain a better understanding of what is holding them back. We help clients remove impediments to success by evaluating their current status and future goals – and we jointly design the path to achieve those goals.

In addition, our consulting services include resume writing, interview prep, and networking; executive search coordination; business formation and structure; and cultural refinements, including DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) considerations.


According to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study, a stunning 99% of people polled said they were satisfied with the overall coaching experience. The ICF study shows most clients reported improved work performance, business management, efficient time management, team effectiveness, and more growth and opportunities. And at Epicoach, our testimonials speak for themselves.


Epicoach distinguishes itself in the professional career coaching field due to our deep experience in varied professions and industries. Our coaches draw on considerable experience in those sectors in which they have worked and excelled. They are among the very few professional career coaches who have run startups as well as divisions of giant corporations.


Bob Fleshner founded Epicoach to help people unlock their professional potential. Epicoach clients include Executives, Professionals, and Individuals who need Coaching to advance in their careers or switch careers.

For three decades, Bob has “been there and done that.” He has faced many challenges and achieved considerable success in consulting, mentoring, business development, personal training, publishing, and more. He has been a lawyer, a healthcare CEO, a management consultant, a one-man startup, an entrepreneur, and a corporate Fortune 500 exec.

Bob’s accreditations include Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance from American University and the District of Columbia Bar. Additionally, Bob is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach, and is certified to administer the DiSC assessment tool and the Strong Interest Inventory.

David Newman, Bob Fleshner’s partner at Epicoach, was also trained in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance (Rutgers University). In addition, he is professionally accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

As a former business leader, entrepreneur, and hedge fund COO, David has built many successful enterprises in a variety of environments, both domestically and internationally. An essential part of his success has been understanding the strategic needs of the businesses and the career aspirations of the professionals.

David is passionate about helping executives and professionals realize their dreams. He takes pride in leveraging his considerable experience to help his clients expand their horizons by recognizing what they don’t know, and then doing something about it.


Coaching services are geared toward increasing our clients’ self-awareness through a process that enables them to reach conclusions and unlock their potential.

Consulting services help companies better understand how to deal with difficult issues, keep employees motivated, and enhance the bottom-line.

Speaking services draw on the Partners’ extensive experience, and their presentations can be customized for a variety of topics and audiences.