With our deep background in business, ranging from startups and early-stage entrepreneurial ventures to large, established corporations and C-Suite executives, we offer a broad range of consulting services.

  • We offer nuts-and-bolts career counseling, including resume writing, networking tips, and interview prep.
  • Career Counseling. As a corollary to our coaching services that help guide you through the big picture of “what next,” we offer nuts and bolts career counseling including resume writing, direction with respect to networking and interview prep.
  • Executive Search. Our coaching practice has provided us with significant insight into the dynamic, ever-changing job market. We utilize this insight to help companies fill positions with highly qualified individuals whom we source through deep networking and other traditional and non-traditional methods.
  • Startups. It can be very daunting to set up a business, and most startups fail. We will mitigate risks and optimize success by doing everything from writing a business plan to setting strategy and executing operational systems and marketing. Services may include technical, legal, and financial assistance, forming a board of directors or advsiors, and managing fundraising/partnerships.
  • C-Suite executives. Management consulting may take on many forms and we can help you better understand how to deal with difficult issues, keep employees motivated, and enhance the bottom-line.
Consulting fees are typically charged by the hour or project.

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