Three for Thursday – Mahasin El Amin


Still Running: Track, Politics, and Legal Star

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mahasin El Amin, who shared her Three For Thursday with me today. I first met Mahasin when she captained a team in the American Odyssey Relay, the 200-mile overnight relay race that I founded and directed from 2009-2017.

Mahasin is a practicing attorney in the Law Offices of Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr., P.A., where she handles family, criminal, traffic, and estate planning cases primarily in Prince George’s, Calvert, Charles, and Saint Mary’s counties. As if that’s not enough to keep her busy, Mahasin recently won the primary election in Prince George’s County to become the Clerk of the Circuit Court. She will be running unopposed in November.

Mahasin listed Family, Food and Health as her Three For Thursday. Read on to see what she had to say about each of her three choices and her One For The Road.

I incorporate friends into my definition of family because true friends are like family. I was raised to believe it takes a village to raise a family. Doors were always open and everyone was welcomed. I know that you can’t get very far in life without a solid support system, and my family has been mine in every one of my endeavors from childhood through University of Florida, where I majored in public relations. I continued to rely on my family while taking the bar and all the way through running for office.

I am the youngest of seven, and my family is pretty close. I have four sisters and two brothers, the oldest of whom is 18 years older than I am. I have 10 nieces and nephews and six great nieces and nephews. Everyone is in the local area except my sister, Sabah, who keeps trying to convince us to move to California. That’ s not happening, though! I actually live in the house where I grew up in Prince George’s County.

There is something about food that brings people together. If you have good food and good company you are virtually guaranteed to have a good time. Food warms the soul. Food is a way to meet new people. I socialize around food. I recently made all the food for a good friend’s weekend bachelorette party. It made me feel warm and fuzzy to do it because everyone enjoyed the spread, and the company was awesome. We rented a house on so much land and with so many rooms; however  everyone stayed in the kitchen. Kitchens are safe places.

Health and fitness are really important. That’s why I run so darn much! Being healthy makes you happier. It allows you the opportunity to enjoy life more and, hopefully, live longer. I don’t have energy when I overeat or don’t work out. I actually feel sluggish. My health journey started when I passed the bar. I have seen the world through running. I have made incredible friends through running. Similar interests build life-long bonds. Five years ago, my mom did the half-marathon associated with the Marine Corps Marathon, and my dad, two brothers-in-law, and one of my sisters, did the relay. It was an incredible feeling to have my family try something uncomfortable and new and enjoy it. The training runs, and the actual event itself, were all great!

One for the road—Fun
Life is too short to not have fun. I love my family and friends to death. You gotta have fun! Food is easy to enjoy. That leaves health. You need to make staying healthy fun. That’s why I do it with friends and I incorporate travel and running vacations into my health plan.

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