Still Need a Meaningful New Year’s Resolution? How about Committing to “No More Sighing” at Work?


While some folks are already breaking unrealistic New Year’s resolutions, here’s one we propose you consider: Pledge to advance in your career and avoid the dreaded sigh while you’re on the job.

Ah, the sigh. It has so many meanings, so many roots. Last year, after a very positive coaching session, one of our clients got to work and observed, as he walked down the hall, colleague after colleague emitting deep sighs. When he got to his office, he texted, “no more sighing!” And our philosophy suddenly had a name!

Our coaching approach is geared toward enabling you to adopt this “No More Sighing” philosophy and increase your fulfillment in your professional life. So, let’s be clear about which kind of sigh we’re referencing here, and just what we mean when we say, “No More Sighing.”

We’re talking about the sigh that folks put in their text messages. You know, the one that you emit when you’re frustrated, resigned, unhappy, perplexed, or even verging on distraught. We’re not talking about the one that you utter from happiness or pleasure. Keep that one in your repertoire!

So, when we say, “No More Sighing,” we don’t literally mean we think you should stop the act of sighing. As it turns out, sighing may even be good for you, according to some researchers, and who are we to argue with science? What we’re getting at is the underlying cause of the sighing. The discontent at work that forces you to sigh repeatedly. That’s what we aim to help you avoid going forward.

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be sharing our coaching philosophy with you through a number of fun and informative videos. It’s all part of our approach of using humor to underscore a serious challenge: transforming your career.

Today we are introducing our “No More Sighing (Live The Way You Want To Live)” theme song and sharing our signature ”No More Sighing” video that goes along with it. The theme song was written by David Rosen of Ordinary Miracles (one day to be famous). The video was directed by four amazingly talented high-schoolers whose names appear in the credits to the video.

We hope that you enjoy the video and theme song as much as we enjoyed putting it together. We also hope it motivates you to call us. And, if it turns out that you’re calling us solely because you need a theme song or a video for your company, that’s okay, too. We’re happy to share contact info for these wonderful collaborators.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year! We know it may be a little belated to make another resolution (OK, slight sigh from me here), but we think this one is worth it!