What is coaching, and how does it differ from mentoring and consulting?
What is the typical number of sessions needed to gain any benefit from coaching?
How often should we meet?
Can you accommodate my schedule so I don't have to come to your office to meet?
Do sessions need to be in person?
How do you handle confidentiality?
My employer is paying for the coaching sessions. I know you maintain confidentiality, but don't you have to provide them with some information? What do you tell them?
What if something comes up and I have to miss a session?
I know that coaching requires coachees to help set the agenda and find the answers themselves based on the coach's input. But what will you do if you think I am doing something that is really wrong for my career or in my job search?
What payment options do you offer?
Do you offer group coaching sessions?
What additional resources can you provide?